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Photography as a Work of Art

Photography in its most literal definition is "to paint with light." In essence all it is, is placing some form of light on to a surface that is sensitive to light, like a digital sensor or film in your camera or perhaps light sensitive photo paper in the darkroom. How you go about doing it - well, that is the creation of your art.

Painting with light technique.
ShutterFlies Photography
Fighting with Light
Frank Wang, Sida Liu

For those who are looking to spice up your photography, or perhaps you're a little out of creative juice... try your photographic hand at the well known technique of "Painting with Light."

The suggestion is to start small, until your creative mechanics start moving and you're running at full speed with ideas.

What you'll need:

- A camera with a long shutter speed or bulb setting with at least 10 seconds.

- A tripod.

- A light source such as a flashlight, glow in the dark objects or lazor pen.

Check out this video to learn some great techniques.

It takes some practice but after a while you'll be whipping out your flashlight at every event.


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