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Photographing the night sky around San Diego

The International Space Station (ISS), crosses by the full Moon
The International Space Station (ISS), crosses by the full

Most of my photo venue suggestions are low or no cost: today’s is an exception. Noted popular astronomer, Dennis Mammana, is offering one of his ‘Night Sky Photography’ workshops in Borrego Springs on 27 and 28 September, and I commend it to you.

If you’ve ever seen those amazing night time photos that show stars lighting-up a scene —usually the desert— and wondered how they are done, this workshop will give you the understanding you need to create your own night sky photos.

Years ago, I took a similar class and managed to take the photos in the accompanying slideshow. But, you will note that my photos are not as crisp or interesting as those on Mammana’s website:

I have enrolled in this workshop so I can sharpen my skills and, finally, get a photo of the Milky Way Galaxy that has eluded me. Perhaps I’ll see you out, under the stars!

Smile, Rick