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Photographing Shelter Island

Anyone can drive out on Shelter Island, park, and take photos of the San Diego skyline and watercraft in the bay. And, EVERYONE does! For a different take on San Diego Bay, let me suggest you park on North Harbor Drive, near Shelter Island Drive, and walk along the water’s edge with your camera at the ready.

The sign entering/leaving Shelter Island

Here you’ll find the expected fancy restaurants; but, also, you’ll find multi-million dollar yachts as well as the gritty work done on the most humble docks around the world. There are dockhands mending traps and doing the maintenance required to keep ships safely at sea. With any luck, you’ll be able to photograph fish being brought ashore by recreational and commercial fishermen.

Bring all the lenses you can carry comfortably; you’ll be able to use ever piece of glass you own from macro to telephoto! Keep a weather eye for reflections in the water, they can make a snapshot into a prized photograph! Just remember to compose your shots so the entire mast of your subject boat is in the frame. A boat without a complete superstructure looks funny and you always can crop it later if you wish.

Smile, Rick!,_San_Diego

Thanks to the Pacific Photographic Society for the tip on this location!

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