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Photographing remote control vehicles Studio 1 Magazine updates

My suggestion is to find a park or large open field and you will likely find a group or club of enthusiasts racing or just enjoying the sport of RC vehicles. You will find everything from cars, off road vehicles to airplanes, helicopters and jet aircraft to photograph. The “guys” flying them may range from young children to old men and women. Just walk up and tell them that you are going to photograph them. I personally give copies of the best shots and allow them to use them like they wish. I have never sold any without getting permission but I do use them for training and educational items.

The one image I posted here is part of a group that can be found at Studio 1 Magazine as part of one of the training articles. The “guys” wish to limit anyone from using the images of their planes and work that is not under their or my control. Therefore they will not be posted here. This image was shot with a Nikon
D700, ISO 200, f/10, 1/640 on manual with WB Manual sunlight.

I might suggest getting to know a couple of them pretty well so you can trust them if you want shots like the one here where the plane had to make a sharp bank on take-off to keep from hitting me. Other shots I got while laying down and the planes took off over me. I do not recommend you doing this unless you have good nerves and a lot of trust in a good pilot. Landings are just as dangerous as these things have no brakes. If you choose to shoot head-on whether on take-off or landing please be very careful. My recommendation is not to do it.If you choose to do so, start with a telephoto lens and get plenty of distance and do it from the side and work your way around to head-on shots. Do not be in a hurry and be very careful.

Studio 1 The Magazine has re-opened the chat room and has added a forum for the users. Check them out and read about different photographic techniques for free. Many articles are shared with Examiner.

Get out and take images of things you might not have thought about before.

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