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Photographing Oceanside

Surfers can be photographed from the pier.
Surfers can be photographed from the pier.

Over the years, I’ve introduced you to out-of-the-way and lesser known photography venues. But, anyone who has ever driven from San Diego to LA certainly knows of Oceanside and it is not out-of-the-way. However, I’ll wager this is the first you’ve heard of all the different photo venues close to I-5 in the blocks around S. Coast Highway and Pier View Way!

There is plenty of free parking in the area, so hobble your pony, grab your camera with your wide angle lens, and walk around to take in: amazing modern and 1940’s architecture; two museums; myriad fountains and public art; the businesses, bars and barbershops catering to the Marines; and, of course, the Oceanside Pier. Wander around and you can find murals painted on buildings, a Catholic Church built in 1927, a 1930s style autocourt, and turn of the century buildings; it’s a fascinating amalgam!

If you plan to visit the Oceanside Museum of Art (where you can photograph the exhibits as long as you don’t use flash) or the California Surf Museum, be sure to verify hours of operation. And if you can be there when surf’s up, your telephoto lens, used from the pier, will capture that Southern California icon --the surfer!