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Photographer's don't get hung up on hoopla!

Photographed in outside of Hilo, HI
Photographed in outside of Hilo, HI
Keith B Dixon Photographic Inc

If you read just about any photography book, magazine, or watch a video on how to photograph an area of your interest, you might find that most of the information is closely related or more of the same. You also might feel like you might have wasted your time, hopefully not. Everyone is pushing some kind of technical “mumbo jumbo” and fancy gear concepts these days with the promise of making you a better photographer. Know this; there are no short cuts in photography, just a lot work and dedication.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no different, I sell products for companies I work with and believe in everyday. And, I do feel you need to be as technically as proficient as you are creative to become good photographer. If you can afford to buy the best gear do it, it’s your money. You should always use the best gear for a situation if you know what you are doing.

Here is my point; I don’t want you to get hung up on all the hoopla, smoking mirrors, quick fixes, and fast tracks in photography they don’t work. To become a good photographer you have to work at it everyday and then live it. You have strike a balance between your creative, technical and desire achieve your goals if you are going to last over time and leave a legacy of images behind.