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Photographer Michael Vincent at Plush Ultra Lounge Dallas

Billy the Kid from Kiss 106.1 spinning at Plush Ultra Lounge for the Michael Vincent photo shoot
Billy the Kid from Kiss 106.1 spinning at Plush Ultra Lounge for the Michael Vincent photo shoot
Miranda Wright

It’s Tuesday November 24th right before Thanksgiving and while most people are at home getting ready for a good night’s sleep or standing at line in Walmart for some last minute grocery shopping, at the popular Plush Ultra Lounge in downtown Dallas on the stage to the left side of the club they have cleared the area, and instead of the normal dancing party girls we have a sumptuous feast of flesh as half naked models crawl into poses and send sultry and pouty glances to famous Hollywood photographer Michael Vincent. It’s a busy house as people gather round to catch a glance of the seductive poetry in front of Michael Vincent’s camera lens and as each flash goes off people nod their heads knowing that “that” shot will be the one that makes it into Maxim magazine. Tonight is a special night at Plush Ultra lounge as they are hosting an open test photo shoot with Michael Vincent and some of Dallas’s new top models have shown up to compete for a spot to be in Maxim Magazine, and tonight the competition is tough. It only happens about twice a year that Michael Vincent comes to the Dallas nightlife scene to open up his normally private creative juices to the public for their viewing pleasure, and every time he does a bevy of beauties come out to participate and some of Dallas club nightlife’s most familiar faces are seen within the crowd. Tonight on the mike we have Dallas favorite Billy the Kid from Kiss 106.1 playing his favored top 40 hits for the people in the crowd as they get their groove on to the music. The club itself is only half full with the top floor completely closed down and only one bottle service table has been booked which seems to have gone to Michael and his people, but everyone appears to be having a good time as Michael works undisturbed taking shots of the beautiful women in front of him while men gather around to snap their own shots with camera phones. As the evening winds down the models go back to the bathroom to get dressed and join the crowd as they relax and wait to see what kind of magic Michael has worked that evening. Who the winner of the shoot will be we have yet to know, but we will all keep our eyes open and eagerly anticipate the next special event hosted at Plush Ultra Lounge in downtown Dallas.