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Photographer captures pictures of a bear resting in a hammock

WESH Orlando news reported a story about a black bear that decided to climb into a hammock for some rest. From 60 feet away, photographer Rafael Torres kept a safe distance and snapped pictures of the bear. He said the bear rested in the hammock for about 20 minutes before heading back into the woods.

A wandering bear makes itself comfortable in a Florida man's hammock.
WESH Orlando News Facebook page

Homeowner Vincent James owns the hammock, and said the bear acted like some kind of a tourist. James said the bear left and then eventually returned to the hammock. Since Wednesday, witnesses have seen the bear in the Daytona Beach area since Wednesday looking for food.

He was seen digging through the trash and looking through a bird feeder. CNN reports the Daytona Beach neighborhood isn’t comfortable with random bears wandering the neighborhood. Wildlife officials don’t recommend people feeding the bears because it can put lives at risk and make it more difficult to transfer the bears.

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