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Photographer captures images of plane crashing into skydiver at Florida airport

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A Florida man is counting his blessings after his parachute was clipped by a small plane at a Polk County airport.

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According to Polk County Sheriff's Office media release obtained by, a 49-year-old skydiver by the name of John S. Frost was about to make ground contact when a pilot doing touch-and-goes clipped his parachute, sending him flying through the air.

The report claims that 87-year-old Shannon L. Trembley was on his third touch and go at the South Lakeland Airport near 7500 Coronet Road in Mulberry, around 11:00 am on March 8th. Trembley, a World War II veteran was flying his private Cessna when the accident occurred.

Interestingly, the entire incident was captured on camera by skydiving photographer Tim Telford.

Frame-by-frame, the images first show a parachutist moments before he touched ground, followed by several images which show Frost being hurled across the airport at the same moment the plane takes a nosedive into the ground.

Both men were transported by ambulance to Lakeland Regional Medical Center where Frost was treated and released. Trembley was being held for observation, but neither of the men sustained serious injuries.

The NTSB and FAA were notified of the accident, and both agencies reported to the scene. Both agencies are currently investigating the accident.

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