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Photofacials offer results without down time

Photofacials treat signs of anti-aging
Photofacials treat signs of anti-aging
Southwest Cosmetic Dermatology Associates

Photofacials have gained popularity in recent years, as the use of laser and light technology in skin care has gained momentum. These treatments offer numerous anti-aging benefits, and are minimally invasive. Incorporating photofacials into your skin care routine is an easy way to see strong results without serious pain or discomfort.

Tara Hall, MPAS, PA-C of Southwest Cosmetic Dermatology Associates in Fort Worth says photofacials are popular with her patients.

“A photofacial in our office is performed using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). This is a light treatment that delivers a sensation that a rubber band has been popped on the skin, ” she says.

Designed to treat redness of the face including broken blood vessels from sun damage and unsightly, brown pigmentation, patients will see the strongest results when completing photofacials in series.

“A series of 5 treatments, one month apart is required to see the full effects from the treatments. We also perform microdermabrasions in between each treatment of the initial series to help aid in exfoliation of the skin.” says Hall.

Hall also recommends maintenance treatments every six months to sustain results. Additionally, good skin care habits can extend the life of photofacial results. Consistent use of sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 is critical, says Hall. In fact, she recommends reapplication throughout the day, especially if spending significant time outdoors. She also advocates the use of C-Topical antioxidants such as Vitamin C or the the use of a prescription Retin A treatment.

It is important to note the difference between IPL photofacials and LED photofacials. The latter is likely to be performed at spas, and is non-invasive. LED photofacials leverage spectrum light to boost collagen production, leading to younger looking skin. IPL treatments, like those performed at Southwest Cosmetic Dermatology Associates, are commonly performed in a physician’s office. These photofacials can be slightly uncomfortable, and medical professionals may suggest the use of a numbing cream prior to the treatment.

Southwest Cosmetic Dermatology Associates is located at 4365 S. Hulen Street in Fort Worth. To schedule an appointment, call 817.920.9023.

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