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Photo Tour Texas-Seeing DFW in a different light

Downtown Dallas
Downtown Dallas
Jonah Gilmore

Jonah Gilmore of North Texas Photo Excursions, is always on the lookout for new ways to see Dallas through a lens. He guides participants through areas of the metroplex that have character or interesting textures and angles. "Usually I look for areas that have personality and soul. So for instance if we are downtown, I'm not looking at a building I'm looking at light and shadow, depth, reflections, structure, dimension, and lines."

These excursions, however, are not for taking the best selfies in front of tourist traps, but for providing the tools and knowledge to take great photos that have character, composition and perspective.

Traveling down the less beaten path leads photographers to practice more than technique, and create a more artistic photo session and great memories treading through the city at the zoo, admiring classic cars, downtown, Deep Ellum and anywhere deemed visually fascinating by Jonah and photographers.

North Texas Photo Excursions meets a few times a month all over the metroplex. Check the website for upcoming dates and times.