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PHOTO PREVIEW: 'The Lying Game' finale secrets revealed + someone gets hitched!

All photos (c) ABC Family 2012 for 'The Lying Game'
All photos (c) ABC Family 2012 for 'The Lying Game'
(c) ABC Family, 2012

This first season of The Lying Game on ABC Family has moved so fast that as the finale is upon us, only one thing seems certain: that Sutton (Alexandra Chando) cannot be trusted! Yet, in the "Unholy Matrimony," Emma (also Chando) is once again being swayed by her sister-- this time to narc to Kristen (Helen Slater) regarding the locket found in Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter)'s bedroom. So what is it about Sutton that is still drawing Emma in, after all of the terrible things she's done?

'The Lying Game' hosts a wedding
(c) ABC, 2012

"I think deep down Emma still really wants to have that sense of family," Chando shared with LA TV Insider Examiner earlier today, "because she really is that only blood family that she has. That's the only way I can really justify Emma's pull towards her because she has been really rotten to her these last few episodes! But as heartbroken as she is, deep down, I still think there's kind of a hope."

Hope which may be shattered within the finale episode, though!

You can see a photo preview of The Lying Game finale in the slideshow to the left.

And be sure to stay tuned right here for our full feature finale interview with Chando!

The Lying Game will air its first season finale on Monday, March 5th at 9pm.

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