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Photo organization and storage

Photo Storage Boxes
Photo Storage Boxes

There are hundreds, if not more, of ways to organize your photos when you are preparing to begin your scrapbook.  Before you begin decide what order you want the album to be in.  You can create themed albums (i.e. holidays, vacations, birthdays), you can go in chronological order, you can create one family one and one for each of your children; the possibilities are endless.  Once you know how you want your albums organized (the most common way is chronological because of the ease of creating the album) you can then begin to organize your photographs.

Begin by pulling out all your printed photographs.  Separate them into the order you will be using them in.  Once your photos are separated you can then decide how to store them.  There are an abundance of ways you can do this for actual photographs.  You should always be sure to use storage systems made specially for photos because of the acidity of certain materials.  You can use:

  • Accordian Style Photo Protectors ~ These are a little harder to find, but they are very convenient when scrapbooking at a location other than your own crafting area.  They also offer tabs for separating your photos however you would like.  The downside is the lack of space, since they are small some people may need multiples.
  • Box Style Photo Cases ~ These are widely available.  You can find them at nearly every craft store, including JoAnn, Michael's, and Hobby Lobby to name a few.  The down side to this type of storage is the lack of separators, you will have to make your own.
  • Arguably the best storage system available today is the Creative Memories Power Sort System.  This system offers plenty of storage.  The larger of the two boxes can hold up to 2,400 photos at a time in smaller compartments that hold up to 200 photos each.  You have the option to personalize and separate photos the way you want.  This option is closely mimicked by Cropper Hopper for those on a tighter budget.

Be sure to keep your photos stored in a cool place.  Heat and moisture will cause permanent damage to your photographs.  You will also want to store your photos up and off the floor to avoid flood damaging.  And when possible, scan photos that are not already on your computer; this way you will have copies of photos that cannot be replaced easily.


  • Barbara 5 years ago

    Thanks for the tips Alicia. Great great great article for someone like me!

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