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Photo of the month by Bob Reagan


"Boston Alley" by Bob Reagan - Do not use without permission

Bob was born in Boston, Mass. and "emigrated" to Maryland with his family in 1959. His love for photography began with the purchase of his first SLR in 1977, timed with the arrival of his first born. His interests centered around family photos and snapshots, and in 2008 he joined the Baltimore Camera Club to grow his knowledge of photography and expand his range of subject matter.

Joining the Camera Club energized and inspired him. In 2009, he discovered Baltimore's Creative Exposure Meetup group, and met some great new folks and continued to learn.

Bob has been concentrating mainly on landscape and nature photography, but is trying to branch out and find a unique niche.

His other interests include bicycling,software development, and the books of Bernard Cornwell, among others.

For examples of Bob's photography, go to

For more info: Photos are chosen by a group of peers from Creative Exposure Baltimore photography meetup.  The group meets at The Baltimore Museum of Industry in downtown Baltimore.  The chosen photographer has the opportunity to be featured on  The topic for December was NIGHT.  More details on Creative Exposure Baltimore can be found HERE.


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