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Photo of shark 54 yards from shore

Blacktip shark breaks surface just 50 meters beyond skyline of Recife
Photo by: Daniel Botelho

A blacktip shark was photographed hunting for prey 54 yards from the beach reported GrindTV on April 1, 2014.

The image was captured by Daniel Botelho, a photojournalist who specializes in underwater photography.

Botelho was commissioned by National Geographic to photograph a split-level image showing a shark below the water’s surface with the city of Recife, Brazil, visible in the distance.

Recife’s coast has been plagued with shark attacks and is one of the top ten spots in the world for shark attacks.

Since 1992, there have been 59 shark attacks. Of that number, 24 have been fatal. Due to the emergence of shark attacks it is illegal to swim or surf the Recife coastline.

Botelho captured the shark photo after spending 30 days waiting for the right opportunity.

“The shark is only 50 meters from the shore,” Botelho said. “I have people saying, ‘Hey, that is my building, my home, in the background of that photo.’

“On the final last day I was almost giving up and feeling sad when a fisherman fought a fish at the bottom,” Botelho said.

“I was on the surface when I saw the guy coming up with the fish and a shark came following him for the catch. I had only my camera as a shield, and I knew the shark would be looking for the fish.”

Botelho got his shot, but the shark didn’t get the fish.

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