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Photo of dog hanging from ceiling while groomer watches goes viral

This photo taken by a former employee of Olga's Dog Spa in Wilmington has gone viral.
This photo taken by a former employee of Olga's Dog Spa in Wilmington has gone viral.
Facebook page of Tim Suggs

Late yesterday, the animal loving community on Facebook exploded with outrage as a photo went viral that showed a live dachshund hanging while an older lady watched, according to an article posted this morning on the WECT website.

The photo of the dog, named "Vennie" and called "Super Dog", was allegedly taken by a former employee named Tim Suggs at Olga's Dog Spa in Wilmington, NC. The owner of the grooming salon, and the woman who is shown in the photo, is Olga Glover Littleton.

A war of words has broken out between Suggs and his supporters and Littleton and her supporters. The one thing that both sides appear to be in agreement on is that the dog suffered no lasting physical harm. Both Littleton and Suggs insist that the dog was wearing a harness.

According to a ongoing discussion on Facebook on the Tim Sugg's posted photo of the hanging dog, it appears that this incident happened five years ago. Tim Suggs admits that he hung the dog, and says that the dog belonged to "a New Hanover County detective".

Screen captures from Littleton's Facebook page allege that Tim Suggs' employment with her company was terminated in recent days for "stealing" and that the photo was posted as revenge.

An internet search of reviews for "Olga's Dog Spa" going back several years shows posts where employees and previous employees argued about the quality of service. On April 10, 2010, a poster known as "The Truth" with Wilmington, NC listed as his city posted the following to the Topix review page for Olga's Day Spa:

Misty you and Timmy got fired because ya'll stole from olga, and you tried to act like you had no idea but if you didn't have any clue but really you knew the whole time. and the only reason timmy is back working there right now is because she is about to lose everything so she is desprite. Olga does NOT touch every dog and half the time when she says she has groomed your dog she really hasn't. If you think Olga is special and polite drop by one day unexpected in the middle of the afternoon and listen to her yell and scream at her employees. She will NOT give her employees lunch breaks nor will she ever let them stop for anything. She cares only for herself and trys to act all polite but she isn't she is a crazy bitch. Olga has beaten dogs and will leave dogs in crates and she never goes outside to check on the dogs that are there.

A check of the BBB shows two complaints on quality of service for Olga's Dog Spa.

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