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Photo of BlackBerry 10 Super Bowl commercial found online

What could this explosion mean?1
What could this explosion mean?1

BlackBerry announced last week that they would be airing a commercial during Super Bowl XLVII for the first time ever, and now this first image of said advertisement has found its way to the World Wide Web.

This is all part of BlackBerry's plan to hit the ground running with BlackBerry 10. The company is investing a pretty penny to air this commercial, seeing as the average price for a 30 second spot is well over $3 million.

The photo doesn't give much away as to what the commercial will be like. An explosion in front of what looks to be an apartment building. My hope is that BlackBerry will choose to take a more humorous route with the commercial, and based on the bright colors, maybe they just might do that.

What do you guys think of this image? What direction do you think BlackBerry is going? Drop me a comment below and tell me your thoughts! Shoot me a Tweet and we'll talk some more!