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Photo Mambo

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With the advent of mobile devices the possibility for enjoying celebrations such as graduations and the very close approaching Father’s Day, our ability to capture those moments are endless. "There are so many ways to share photos online," Deb Whitman, CEO of Photo Mambo, has said. “But these services are inherently transient; you see the pictures one time, but rarely do they make it into regular rotation.”

Photo Mambo has introduced an app that allows the user to share digital images privately with family and friends, because let’s face not all photos are for public consumption. Instead of the traditional digital frames that were really popular a few summers ago you can get the same effect with your computer, iPad or iPhone, except you are automatically updated each time a photo is shared. The old digital frames of the past were great but you had to download the images and then add them to the frame…not anymore.

Users are able to decide whom they share their picture with but unlike using other methods of sharing such as Tumblr, there is no need to download the images, they are automatically downloaded within the app. Once the app has been installed on the recipients’ device they will start receiving alerts informing them when new pictures are available for viewing. Just as simple as that!

It’s a great way for family and friends that are far away and close by to privately see family photos without having to scroll endlessly through your Facebook wall or follow you on Instagram.

Hey but follow me on Instagram anyway!