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Photo Licensing, Photoshop Filters

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The slideshow is an example of fun easy filters or plugins that are for Photoshop. There should be caution used as some plugins will flat lock up Photoshop. I have just tried two from Google and they failed miserably. If you did not know or care, Google purchases NIK software last fall. Nik software wrote a lot of the Nikon software so I have hopes things will only get better. I am staying away from the Google and Nik software plugins for Photoshop for now.

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Redfield Plugins are a nice little grouping of easy to use plugins but they are memory hogs so be warned about that. They have several free ones and some pay ones. I had one that needed to be reinstalled since updating to Windows 8 but the key for it is on a disk that was removed from me. The nice people there sent me a new version since they had the purchase records. One note, if you look at the about page you will find that they are from Moscow, Russia and privately owned. The downloads come from England. I have used them for years and never had an issue.

Another one is virtualPhotographer. A nice free plugin. I have many that I have bought but some will not longer run as the new operating system changes things. Many will be updated but many will not. That is the price for progress.

The licensing article on Studio 1 Magazine was removed as I have not finished the license to answer the question. I have gone through two yellow pads working on it. It is supposed to be simple one or two sentences. Not going to happen.

For the unaware I have been working for several months on a new licensing for my photos and the ones for Studio 1 Group. I am looking at doing a free license for many photos that I own. They will be free for personal use not commercial. There are others out there that have done it and many just give away the work. I have found that the more I try to work it out for both areas, personal and business the more complicated the licensing becomes. So for right now things stay the same. Many will be some of the best I have since the high resolution files are gone for now. The free version will be low resolution or medium at best because of the missing files.