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Photo-friendly makeup for weddings and highly photographed events

Special Event Makeup
Special Event Makeup
Jim DeWeese

With times still having an unpredictable economic outcome more and more people find themselves not being able to do a lot of the “small” things they used to take for granted. Haircuts have maybe gone from once every two weeks to once every six or eight weeks, perhaps a mani/pedi has become a once every other month splurge. This being said when it comes to a lot of American’s being able to hire what many consider “extras” for their wedding or prom such as: hair stylists, caterers, wedding planners, horse drawn carriages to sweep them away like Cinderella, and of course makeup artists have become obsolete. While things like a natural talent for styling hair, or an inclination for event planning may be in your deck of cards, would you know what to use to get even a basic makeup look to pull off in photographs?

While it is true, hiring a good wedding makeup artist can help hide some extra flaws, create a slightly more defined bone structure, or even balance some slightly imperfect facial features; what a good wedding makeup artist can really do is use the right products to get you the best pictures from your “Big Day”. Have you ever gotten dressed to go out; you feel Super-Hot, like you’re everyone’s dream. You take lots of pictures, because you just have to document your “I look Fabulous” night; only to find in every picture you look paler than Casper and completely washed out? Yep! You guessed it; your makeup wasn’t photo-friendly. In order for a makeup to be considered photo-friendly, it can’t contain Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Paba, or Zinc. All four ingredients aforementioned reflect light which for all intents and purposes reflects light off of your face like a disco-ball when a flash goes off (i.e you end up looking like: Casper, a Vampire, a Zombie, or extremely ill).

Now all of this information is great right? Well yes, but now it is time for you to learn how the information applies to you. Makeup artists are known for having the best makeup, the best brushes, wearing all black, and having perfect complexions (thanks to their knowledge of how to hide flaws, not because they all have eerily clear skin). Anyway out of these four makeup artist identifiers, what is it that makes your photo’s look good? The answer is the products. Not all makeup lines carry photo-friendly makeup, and even those that claim to often have at least one of the forbidden four ingredients (most commonly Mica and Zinc). Look inside many makeup artists cases and you will usually find at least a handful of things from companies like “Makeup Forever”. Now I’m not saying other companies don’t have just as great of products (many in fact do), however I have yet to find a company that produces both photo-friendly foundation, as well as powder. Makeup Forever doesn’t put Mica, Paba, Titanium Dioxide, or Zinc in any of their face and body foundations or super matte loose powders (just a fact folks, not trying to push any products).

When all is said and done, you may (or may not) have a knack for hair styling, some great event planning skills, maybe even an aunt that makes fabulous cakes; but without the right products and know how you won’t get those dreamy Wedding (or special event) photographs you’ve always dreamt about. If you can’t afford a makeup artist, but you’re going to splurge on less than $100 worth of cosmetics go for photo-friendly. If you are going to hire a makeup artist, make sure they use photo-friendly makeup up. If not, demand they do or find another artist.