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Photo: Amy Poehler’s PDA moment with Bono makes Golden Globe Awards fans squeal

Amy Poehler’s PDA moment with Bono
Amy Poehler’s PDA moment with Bono
Amy Poehler/Twitter

Amy Poelher won a Golden Globe Awards for her work on Parks & Recreation, but the moment that really impressed the fans had a special man in it. Offering a silly moment for the live audience and the viewers at home, Everyone watching on Sunday night squealed with joy when Bono and Amy seemed to have a moment.

Offering a kiss on the cheek and sitting on Bono’s lap, it was Amy Poehler’s delightful actions that had people impressed that she was goofing off even though she was an award winning star. The shock of the moment really was funny and it seemed to be completely unscripted.

The funny moment was one of several offered by the host and her pal, Tina Fey. Giving the fans a way to enjoy the show yet not being too serious, the female hosts really seemed to strike a chord with viewers

The fans have weighed in on the combination of Amy Poelher and Tina Fey hosting the Golden Globe Awards and fans seem to love the two stars. Will they return in 2015? It might be too early to tell, but at this point the response has been nothing short of overwhelmingly positive.