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Phorms go all out, release video for 'Trapped by the Sun'

After a couple, low-fi, d-i-y videos The Phorms have done a complete about face. The San Jose foursome went all out on the visuals for the title-track of their debut album, "Trapped by the Sun," enlisting actor/director, Armand Shahidi. Shahidi is know for his short, 2011 film "Bad Butch" and his forthcoming works, "American Riviera" and "Mucho Dinero."

The psychedelic feel of the Door-meets-Violent Femmes track serves as an all too fitting backdrop for Shahadi's surrealist, hallucinogenic vision, as the video's protagonist (played by Danraj Rajasansi) wanders the desert, after being inexplicable thrust therein, in search of relief. He's visited by a beautiful woman, spirit guides (played by the band memebers), mirages.

The film's closing hints at another release, due out in October of this year, "Trapped by the Moon."

Follow The Phorms on Facebook, and hear the full album "Trapped by the Sun" via Bandcamp.

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