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PhoneSoap will clean your dirty cellphone in minutes

The PhoneSoap is the best way to clean and charge your phone
The PhoneSoap is the best way to clean and charge your phone

Here’s some news that can make your day a little better. If you own one of those germ traps more commonly known as a cellphone there’s a new product on the market that can help rid your inseparable friend of all the germs and bad stuff that can cause you to feel sick and come down with something.

A new cleansing technology from PhoneSoap can help you keep your phone clean.

Cellphones are notoriously bad for collecting germs and keeping them! Put your phone down on a tabletop in the conference room? You might be leaving the room with more than just your phone and cup of coffee. Phones can pick up bacteria just by sitting on a table.

Put your cell phone in your pocket where its dark and warm and those bacteria can multiply and make new friends from the other bacteria the phone is picking up from the loose change you were given at the grocery store.

This has the potential to be a major problem. Constant use of germ-infested cellphones can lead to skin problems or worse, infectious diseases. Apparently a cellphone thief picked up the Ebola virus from a phone he stole from a patient on a quarantine ward.

Several scientific studies reported by the likes of Time magazine, the UK’s Daily Telegraph and conducted by such institutions as University of Arizona have determined that your cell phone, yes your cell phone, is 10 times dirtier or infested with more bacteria or germs than a toilet seat.

Here’s a grotesque statistic for you; one in six cellphones was found to have fecal bacteria on it!

Given these sorts of studies and numbers it should come as no surprise that your constant companion can be the cause of many illnesses and you may not make the association.

However there is hope. PhoneSoap is a new product that can cleanse and sanitize your cellphone in just a few minutes.

The PhoneSoap works on a very simple principle; it bombards your phone with UltraViolet-C rays that kill all bacteria. You’ve probably heard of UV-A and UV-B rays; those are the sun’s UV rays that impact our daily lives. UV-C rays do not occur naturally on earth as our planet’s ozone layer block them before they come in. The PhoneSoap unit creates the UV-C rays that break down bacteria’s composition to prevent it from multiplying.

It is this action that cleanses your phone. Because UV-C rays are harmful to our eyes the phone cleansing takes place inside the PhoneSoap chamber and a blue LED light lets you know when the cleaning is completed.

It’s a perfectly safe way to clean your phone and while it cleans the phone the charging cable can also charge it for you. Leave your phone hooked up inside the PhoneSoap unit overnight and in the morning you have a clean and fully charged phone.

If your phone is charged and you just want to clean it, the cleaning process takes only a few minutes, perfect for the executive who is constantly on the go!

The PhoneSoap will accommodate all major brands of phone including the iPhone 4, 5, 5s and 5c. It will also clean phones by Nokia, Samsung, Android, Windows, Blackberry and HTC.

As we become more dependent upon our phones for everyday communication and, in many instances entertainment, doesn’t it make sense to reduce our potential exposure to harmful germs and bacteria that thrive on your phone by zapping them into oblivion!

The PhoneSoap will do just that and will charge your phone at the same time.

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