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Phone interviews are meant to screen you out

Phoenicians searching for a job should be preparing to have a phone interview as the first step. Once you have sent your resume and any application or online questions to the company, the hiring management will determine who gets to the phone stage and who is ‘out’. The purpose for a phone interview is to screen candidates in a short amount of time with a set of objective questions. It maximizes the manager’s time, and can be outsourced to a third party so even more time is saved. Here are some important things to know before you get on the phone.

  • Background noise and interruptions are not excusable. Making a phone interview appointment is like making one to meet a prospective employer in person. Find a place away from all people and distractions.
  • The first few answers need to make an impact. Questions like ‘Why are you interested in this position?’ are geared to have answers that explain what skills you have that the company needs. If you answer with reasons why you will get value from the job, you are approaching the question from the wrong perspective.
  • Explain the situations and results you have achieved thoroughly. Over the phone, the interviewer can’t see your face and has fewer senses to determine if you have given a complete answer. In this interview situation, you need to go in great detail on the actions you have taken to create positive results. Take your time and answer the questions completely to ensure you move to the next level of the interview process.
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