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Phone app shops for pot: Canary to dispensary to your door

Canary in the Goldmine
Canary in the Goldmine

Seattle and Denver will be pioneer venues with a new smartphone app branded Canary. Card holders tap glass on their tablet or click their mouse from their house, and choose from the entire local online marketplace of all the available strains of marijuana and infused edibles. Expect delivery soon.

Dispensaries are now online, so cooperating with Canary makes the connection easy and safe, reliable and legal. By law, drivers must also be certified with current medical marijuana card. Canary is working with ride-share drivers from Lyft and Uber to handle this budding niche market in two cities.

Josiah Tullis and Megh Vakharia: ‘Go green to make green’

In a TechCrunch MeetUp conference last week, two UW students won the personal choice award for their Canary. They had virtually connected two rising volatile components of our world (legal weed in WA and on-demand providers) and lights went on, mentos hit diet coke, and POOF! - Canary is among us.

Last time you were 19, did you invent an app to go boldly where no app had gone? Josiah Tullis and Megh Vakharia are in the same shoes. Not long ago they were just learning and wondering, positing a ‘what if?’ here and a ‘what about?’ there. Ee aye, ee aye OMG!

Though just a middleman role connecting client and shops, the service includes delivery and provides the kind of practical simplicity that shops and clients both consider a win-win. Canary opens the door to convenience and anonymity in a techno-shopping app that uplifts and gratifies.

Delivery to your door: Flowers. Pizza. Pot.

Clients ID themselves in the Canary protocol by sending a picture of the Legal Marijuana Card from states. Checks and double checks provide for security and easy transfer of orders with cooperating dispensaries. Drivers pick up the goods and deliver to a person holding the same card on file with the order.

With a slight additional charge above the dispensary prices online, Canary clients enjoy a pleasant home-shopping experience, personal choice, and quick delivery (less than an hour). No longer howling in angry streets, the best minds of our generation are stark raving peaceful 24/7 at home chirping.

A canary in the gold mine

Illegal marijuana made cartels rich. Now as a legal product, the suppressed marijuana market is due for a rebound. The imminent success of a Canary shows how a simple change can have ripple effects by providing applicable technology to shrink a task and simplify the links.

Sustainable culture is made of Canaries chirping for efficiency, howling for decency and respecting our precious time on this paradise.

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