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Phoenix woman bleeds to death after family dog attacks her

A 77-year-old Phoenix woman, Nancy Newberry, died yesterday after being attacked by the family dog while she was giving it medicine wrapped in food according an article posted today on

The dog, a four-year-old pit bull named Titan, belonged to Newberry's daughter.

Newberry's husband told MyFoxPhoenix that the dog "just snapped" and attacked his wife. The dog had been aggressive before, but had never bitten anyone in the family.

Apparently the dog bit Newberry in her stomach area, the site where she had previously had surgery. Her husband said the wound appeared to be a puncture wound, but they were unable to stop the bleeding. He speculated that the blood thinners she was taking after a heart attack last year may have made it difficult to stop the bleeding from the wound.

Given his history of aggression and this fatal bite, Titan was euthanized today by Maricopa Animal Care and Control at the request of the family. Titan was current on his vaccinations and had been neutered, according to officials at Maricopa Animal Care and Control.

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