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Phoenix police shooting: Officer John Hobbs dead, 1 officer wounded

Officer John Hobbs
Officer John Hobbs
Fox News screenshot

A Phoenix police shooting left police officer John Hobbs, 43, dead and an unnamed officer wounded on Monday afternoon. The Phoenix police shooting, according to a Huffington Post report on Tuesday, also left William Thornton, the 28-year-old suspect in the incident, dead.

The shooting began as Horton realized he was under surveillance by the two officers. Thornton was an ex-convict wanted in a recent attempted murder and was also wanted for parole violation – which resulted in a warrant for his arrest.

When Horton saw that he was being watched by the undercover policemen at approximately 3:30 p.m. outside a north Phoenix business that he was known to have frequented, he tried to get away in a vehicle. His attempted getaway caused a three-car collision at a nearby intersection. Then, Thornton tried to run. That’s when the gunshots started. Hobbs was shot first, but shot back while lying on the ground. Thornton was struck several times.

Hobbs, who had 21 years with law enforcement, leaves a wife and three children behind.