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Phoenix man starves dog to get his ex back: Graphic video warning

There is a general rule of common sense to not use your children as pawns during a breakup, but a man out of Phoenix has set a new bar for relationship don'ts. KTAR, the voice of Arizona reports that a Phoenix man recently starved a dog in his efforts to win his ex-girlfriend back into his life. KTAR reported May 15 that the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has arrested 38-year-old Luis Moreno on charges of domestic violence and animal cruelty.

38-year-old Luis Moreno is facing charges of animal cruelty and domestic violence.
Maricopa County Sherriff's Office

It was 2008 when Moreno and his girlfriend adopted Wiggles the dog, a pitbull terrier according to the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail reports that the relationship dissolved in 2012, and Moreno was given custody of the dog. Instead of moving on, deputies for Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the Maricopa County Sheriff's office told AZ3TV News that Moreno began texting vicious texts to his girlfriend and using the dog as a pawn in his attempts to win her back.

The Daily Mail reports that at first he made generalized attempts at reconciliation, and when that didn't work he sent her a picture of their emaciated dog as his "last ditch effort" to reunite the relationship. KTAR and Arizona Family reported that the man reportedly sent texts to his ex-girlfriend that included expletives, graphic pictures of their ill dog, and made statements to the effect of, "Wiggles is dead, I hope you're happy [expletive]."

When it was discovered that Wiggles was ill, he was sent to the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control to be restored to good health. In the video shown here, the shelter that fostered Wiggles discusses his treatment plan upon arrival, and Wiggles unfortunate demise. Due to the extent of the health problems suffered at the hands of Moreno, Wiggles unfortunately had to be recently euthanized after two months of inpatient clinic care.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has garnered a household name for himself by being the Sheriff and custodial party to one of America's most famous inmates, Jodi Arias. It was his jurisdiction where this crime occurred, and on Thursday he sent deputies to the man's house to arrest him on charges of domestic violence and animal cruelty. Sherriff Joe Arpaio told AZ3TV News that he felt there were two victims in this case, the ex-girlfriend and Wiggles the dog.

Moreno is being held at the 4th Avenue Maricopa County Jail, it was not known if he had an attorney at the time of press.
What is the worst or weirdest thing an ex has ever done to you to try and get you back, or get back at you?

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