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Phoenix job sectors need workers with certain skills

Before you determine what industry you want to move into, it’s important to realize that every industry will be looking for certain skills all employees should have. In fact, a SHRM survey found that 2/3 of organizations currently hiring full-time staff stated that the ‘soft skills’ including critical thinking/problem-solving, professionalism/work ethic, written communication, and leadership are lacking in some candidates that are applying. So while you determine the hard skills you need for the hottest sectors in Phoenix, think about these tips to build your soft skills too.

  • Volunteering: There are great options for problem-solving and leadership in various volunteer organizations. Find one that aligns with a passion of yours, or has committees or projects that can provide you exposure for developing skills or building on new ones.
  • Professional Organizations: Depending on your industry, there may be Phoenix based professional groups where you can use your professionalism and written communication skills. Consider joining a committee or assisting with programs to increase your network too.
  • Internal Activities: Talk to your current supervisor and see if there are projects, programs, teams, or committees that you can get involved in. See if your involvement can expand on your soft skills and leverage that experience into your next career.
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