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Phoenix dog Mickey's life spared by judge thanks to Lexus Project defenders

Mickey's life has been spared. He will be transferred to a sanctuary within the next 30 days.
Mickey's life has been spared. He will be transferred to a sanctuary within the next 30 days.
Facebook Save Mickey

Municipal Court Judge Deborah Griffin spared the life of a Maricopa County dog named Mickey on Tuesday who severely bit a young child in the face last month, with the stipulations that the dog be neutered, de-fanged, micro-chipped, and placed in a safe facility where he will never be made available for adoption reported

Thanks to the intervention of the Schill Law Group and the Lexus Project, a non profit legal organization based out of New York, who defends dogs they believe are unfairly facing euthanasia, Mickey, the white pit bull, will be able to live out his life in a sanctuary. Mickey's appointed trustee will find proper placement for him within 30 days.

According to the Lexus Project Facebook on Tuesday evening:

"Re: Mickey.

For all our high profile cases, because of the people who have expressed taking the "law into their own hands," we do not disclose where the dog goes. This is to protect the dog, the other dogs at the "facility" and all the great people who take such good care of these misunderstood dogs. Mickey will not be crated. We have no idea where that rumor started. He will be very well taken care of."

In a tragic situation in late February, an unsupervised four-year-old child was severely injured on his face when the child attempted to take a dog's bone away while the dog was chewing on it. The little boy, Kevin Vicente faces years of surgery to repair the damage done to his face.

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The dog named Mickey was chained in his yard at Central Ave. and Broadway Road where the curious little boy wandered as Mickey quietly chewed on his bone. Mickey belonged to the child's babysitter. Mickey jumped on the child and severely bit the child on his face.

One relative told the court that Mikey had a history of aggressive behavior, while humane supporters stated the babysitter was negligent by allowing a young child to be near the dog.

A sign "Beware of Dog" was posted on the fence, and that day the fence was left open adding to negligence.

"We were not there to put a dog above Kevin," stated an animal advocate. "We were just here to make sure justice was served."

Mickey has been in a kennel at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Center since the tragic incident.

The Facebook page called Save Mickey garnered nearly 65,000 "likes" from animal advocates throughout the nation advocating to spare the life of the dog.

And for those readers who are revolted about the prospect of Mickey having his teeth pulled out, an explanation on the Save Mickey page stated:

"This does not mean Mickey will have his fangs pulled. Rather, it means they must be ground down. Mickey will not be losing any teeth.

Unfortunately, this was the Judge's decision, and is allowed under the Phoenix City Ordinance."

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