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Phoenix Comicon 2014 with a paranormal twist

Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society booth at Phoenix Comicon
Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society booth at Phoenix Comicon

You would think a comic convention has nothing to do with the paranormal. However this year there was indeed a paranormal presence. Some local paranormal teams provided their expertise and experiences as well as captured evidence on many panels.

The Arizona Paranormal Research Society (TAzPRS) team shared video and EVP evidence captured on investigations. A panel discussion about how the EVPs were captured. TAzPRS team also had a panel that featured examples of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) classes A-C. Attendees learned about the different kinds of EVP and their classifications.

Southern Arizona Ghost & Paranormal Society panel discussed how Ghost Hunters, enthusiasts and researchers all have their place in the field of the Paranormal. SAGAPS talked about experiences & evidence captured on & off television and the rewards as well as challenges of running their own investigations on their own terms.

The MVD Ghostchasers shared stories of their favorite haunted locations in England, Scotland & Ireland. Photos they showed made you feel like you were in the back alleys where Jack the Ripper roamed. Their experiences and stories were vivid accounts of their investigations.

Crossing Over Paranormal Society "The C.O.P.S. Crew" Owner Jay & Marie Yates along with Reverend Paul Lovegrove provided three panels. They shared the many hell's that they have already endured during their trials and tribulations of the demonic on some of their paranormal investigations.

Jay and Reverend Paul discussed their very own near death experiences that motivated them to seek out truth, understanding, and proof of the paranormal. "The C.O.P.S. Crew" also discussed what paranormal investigating has shown them about Spirit Energy. It left you thinking that there are far more possibilities to explain a haunting.

Arizona Paranormal Investigations And Research Society (AZPIRS) was on hand in the exhibition hall with their booth showing the latest paranormal investigation equipment. AZPIRS introduced their new online store Ghost Hunters Outlet that features paranormal investigation gear from prominent manufacturers in the industry. Visit

AZPIRS booth also featured new paranormal investigation equipment from Apparition Technologies from Australia. Apparition Technologies US manufacturers's rep Matt Nigbur from P.I.E. Paranormal Investigation Equipment was on hand. Matt demonstrated the different devices and answered numerous questions about the product line. Visit

Phoenix Comicon 2015 is May 28 - 31, 2015 promises even more paranormal panels. There will be a few local paranormal teams getting booths next year as the public is interested in what they do and say.

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