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Phoenix Comicon 2014 - Final Day

The final day of Phoenix Comicon was still packed, which was a bit surprising as Sundays are typically a much smaller crowd than Saturday. One of the local artists in attendance said that the Sunday traffic was about as steady as his Saturday traffic.

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This extra traffic helped lead to a lot of the artists having very good sales, and even more fans walking away very excited with their hauls from the show. What is nice to see is that so many local artists are getting tagged on Facebook, from the fans who bought comics, commissions, and prints from them.

I was unable not able to stay all day Sunday for the convention, but I was able to walk the floor and snag a few more things on the final day, such as a commission of Green Arrow from Mike Grell, and a free sketch from Travis Hanson, of The Bean, as well as all three books of The Bean, which he also signed and sketched in.

Next it was off to the Stan Lee panel. Stan had a huge line of people waiting to get into see "The Man", and it was worth the wait as this was the best Stan Lee panel, I have been to. Artist, Todd MacFarlane hosted, and the panel was even crashed by actor Michael Rooker. Stan always has great stories to tell, and loves to entertain his fans. Check the video for the full panel.

The media guests and comic guests were exceptional this year. The North Ballroom was always packed and there was always a line of people waiting to get into the next panel. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend many of these panels, but still missed quite a few. Fortunately most of the big panels are already on this YouTube Channel, so you can check them out there. Phoenix Comicon will likely have versions up on their own YouTube Channel, as well in the coming weeks.

This was an amazing show. Phoenix Comicon continues to get bigger and better each year. This is a positive thing, but it does make it difficult to get to see everyone and do everything. Every year, it becomes a choosing game on what to do and when, and this year it felt like I got so little accomplished, as I continue to realize the comic creators, and panels that I forgot to go and see, and booths that I was not able to get back to. Even though I feel like I missed out on a lot of the convention, I still got to experience and enjoy a lot of it.

I look forward to next year’s convention.

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