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Phoenix Comicon 2014 - Day 3

Sketch cover of The Arrow by April Grady-Reyna of Reyna Art
TuxedoGin/Artwork by April Grady-Reyna of Reyna Art

Day 3 of Phoenix Comicon ended up being a panel day for this Examiner, with a lot of the biggest guests doing panels right after each other. This meant that the North Ballroom was packed with people for every single panel today.

First stop though was to go to the Convention floor and get my copies of Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters by the writer/artist Mike Grell. I got the chance to thank him for bringing back one of my favorite characters and making him so relevant again in the. Mike was very talkative with all of his fans and very appreciative of all of their support.

After meeting Mike Grell, it was off to the North Ballroom, where I ended up spending the rest of the day. Adam west, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar were first up. They started a bit late, but were worth the wait. A lot of fans thanked them for their work in the classic Batman series, and it was really amazing to hear the stories from the fans on how much they impacted their lives.

The next panel was with John Barrowman. Having only caught his panel via the Phoenix Comicon YouTube Channel, I knew better than to miss the panel this year. John is just a fun panelist, who has some great stories to share. He has so much love and affection for his fans, and and he really set the bar high for the rest of the folks that followed.

Bruce Campbell, was next up and this was one of the panels I have been looking forward since he was first announced as a guest to the convention. Bruce started early and he had costume contest of those dressed as Ash. He spent spent talking to each Ash cosplayer, and critiqued their costumes, as well as the effort or lack of effort the put into them, and gave the winner and runner up a cash prize. Next he invited some folks up on stage to join his panel, where he questioned them on their careers, before he got to the Q&A. Probably the funniest panel I have ever been to.

Stephen Amell, followed, and being a long time Green Arrow fan it has been exciting to see the success of the Arrow tv show and for the chance to see the man bringing him to the small screen is awesome. Stephen was great and very nice and personable with all of his fans, and shared some great stories.

The last panelist of the day was Nathan Fillion, and this panel was packed. Nathan is an amazing and funny guest, and everyone who asked a question got a watch. He kept everyone laughing and having fun throughout the panel.

These actors have a genuine love and appreciation for their fans who support their work so passionately, and it really showed in these panels. It was clear that they wanted to be there to interact with us as much as we wanted to interact with them.

After all of these panels, I had to call it a day. Although I did miss checking out all of the action on the convention floor today, being in these panels more than made up for it. Phoenix Comicon should post these to their YouTube Channel in the following weeks, so do subscribe to them so you can watch or re-watch these panels.

Tomorrow is Day 4 and the last day of the convention. Still so much to see and do.

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