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Phoenix Comicon 2014 - Day 2

Day 2 of Phoenix Comicon was a great time. Just like preview night lots of people waiting to get inside the doors as soon as they opened. The show floor was buzzing with activity. Lots go great costumes throughout the show.

Bumblebee standing guard outside of the show floor.
Phoenix Comicon logo on the show floor

First thing was to see a some of the creators that were not there or were missed on day one. Met John Layman, writer/creator of Chew, which is soon to be an animated feature. Chew is the story Detective Tony Chu, who solves crimes by eating whatever is edible at the crime scene, and getting psychic impressions. John has all of the trades available at booth 2139, so be sure to stop by and grab the first trade for starters.

The next stop was to see the awesome Sina Grace, who is the writer/artist of Burn the Orphanage, which a fun series about Rock, who is on a quest for revenge, to find out who burned down his orphanage. Sina even remarked some of the covers, and hooked this examiner up with the one cover he was missing. Sina has the first trade at his table, as well as the first two issues of the new arc. Stop by booth 2334 to pick them up.

Attempted to meet a few more creators, but kept missing them. There are so many great creators at this show, that it is hard to meet them all, and do all of the other things there are to do at this show. Also stopped by some of the booths of the local comic stores who are showing at the con.

Was able to attend the Richard Dean Anderson panel, which was great. Lots of funny stories shared with the crowd. Be sure to follow Phoenix Comicon on their YouTube channel, as they will likely post the video from that panel in the following weeks.

The Stephen Amell, aka "The Arrow" signing was great. He even got crashed by John Barrowman, aka "Malcolm Merlyn" who was on the other side of the curtain at his own signing.

Last thing, this examiner was able to do before calling it a night was to witness the beginning of the Zombie Walk. There were a lot of Zombies, but this examiners favorite was probably the Zombie Barbie.

Tomorrow is day 3 of the show, Saturdays usually the busiest days of the show, so should be exciting to see. This examiner is planning to spend a lot of time at the larger panels in the North Ballroom.

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