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Phoenix College wants feral cats gone

Phoenix College to end it's TNR program
Phoenix College to end it's TNR program

Update Feb. 10, 2014: On Monday, the Phoenix College updated their Facebook page and newspaper Bear Tracks with the news that the college "is recommitted to strengthening its TNR program." Read more here.

Phoenix College officials have decided to end its trap-neuter-return (TNR) program. The feral cats that were living on campus will be taken away.

AZ Central reported that on Sunday, the cats were to be rounded up and taken to the Arizona Humane Society. The cats will be euthanized if not adopted.

While homes have been found for some of the friendlier cats, animal advocates worry about the adoptability of the cats which are not as well socialized. Reportedly about 20 cats remained on campus. Animal rights groups say that number will become much higher now that the program has ended.

Donations and grants funded the college's trap-neuter-return program, which began almost eight years ago. Spokeswoman for the college, Eileen Archibald, said “Instead of stabilizing the population, it has doubled, creating an unhealthy situation for the cats and the community. So, in January, we ended the program.”

Advocates, however, believe Phoenix College did not do enough with the trap-neuter-release program. Much of the work and cost, they say, was left to neighbors and animal-welfare groups.

Neighbors continue to work on finding other ways to help the cats.

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