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Phoenix City Council Approves New $315,000 Salary for City Manager

The Phoenix city council on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 approved a new salary and raise for city manager Ed Zuercher of $315,000 dollars . Approximately 6 citizens personally spoke against the raise while one citizen spoke in favor of it. Those who voted on the city council for the salary claimed that this was in line with other city managers were being paid in other big cities around the country. Further, the supporters claimed that the city manager wasn't getting a pay raise despite the fact that his salary was increasing approximately $50,000 dollars. They claimed he was getting a decrease in salary because of un-named reductions in certain perks that the former city manager Cavazos had. One of those persons who testified against was the wife of a Phoenix police officer. She stated that city employees were having to sacrifice financially and that it would not be right for the city manager to receive this new salary and pay raise. Other citizens who spoke against the pay raise also stated the same sentiments for being against it. The pay raise passed by a 6 to 3 vote. The ayes were: Gallego (D), Nowakowski (D), Valenzuela (D), Stanton (D) and Williams (R). The no votes were: DiCiccio (R), Waring(R) and Gates (R).

The reporter's video of vote is posted here:

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