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Phoenix City Council and Mayor Approve $75,000,000 Bonding for Charter School.

Phoenix City Council and Mayor Approve $75,000,000 Bonding for Charter School. The Phoenix city council considered and voted in favor of $75,000,000 of Education Facility Revenue Bonds for Athlos Traditional Academy.

"The Applicant is the representative of three other affiliated charter schools, Legacy Traditional School-Avondale (Avondale), Legacy Traditional School-Laveen (Laveen), and Legacy Traditional School-Northwest Tucson (Northwest Tucson). The Project is described by the Applicant as including: a) acquisitions of the existing Athlos, Avondale, Laveen, and Northwest Tucson charter school campuses, all of which serve grades K through 8; and b) improvements to the Athlos, Avondale, and Northwest Tucson campuses. The Athlos campus is located at 3201 South Gilbert Road in Chandler. The Avondale campus is located at 12320 West Van Buren Street in Avondale. The Laveen campus is located at 7900 South 43rd Avenue in Phoenix, District 8. The Northwest Tucson campus is located at 3500 West Cortaro Farms Road in Tucson" from official Phoenix city council April 2nd, 2014 agenda.

This reporter personally was present, signed in and at the city of Phoenix council meeting to witness the vote 5-0 in favor. Those voting in favor were: Council person Gallego (D), Valenzuela (D), Williams (R), Pastor (D) and mayor Stanton (D). Council persons DiCiccio (R), Nowakowski (D), Gates (R) and Waring (R) were absent for the vote.

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