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Phoenix Chamber sets 2014 legislative priorities

Phoenix Chamber outlines 2014 legislative issues.
Phoenix Chamber outlines 2014 legislative issues.
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Education, infrastructure improvements and helping to create a healthy business environment in the greater Phoenix area are key elements of the priorities the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce ( has adopted on legislative matters. The Chamber, as usual, will have a significant presence at the state capitol as the legislative rolls out its legislative issues.

“The Chamber will be at the state capitol strategically supporting initiatives business leaders believe are needed to facilitate the attraction, retention and expansion of the region’s businesses and economy,” state an item on the Chamber website.

Here is the statements made by the Chamber on their key legislative priorities:

· Education - The Chamber calls on the state’s education system to produce college or career ready graduates to be globally competitive. The organization notes it is essential to establish a strong foundation so that students, employers and entrepreneurs help improve the economy with students whose skills are competitive globally.

· Infrastructure – If the state is going to support the existing population and economy and continue pursuing ambitious economic development plans maintaining and developing the state’s fundamental infrastructure like transportation, rights of ways and water resources need to be a priority.

· Healthy business environment – The most basic and desirable quality of a metro region is a thriving business environment that provides stability, predictability and does not unduly burden business owners with regulations or repetitive reporting requirements.

The Chamber position statement concludes, “State leaders and the business community need to identify areas of regulation that could be streamlined and create cost and time savings for both public and private parties.”

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