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Phoenix Chamber of Commerce grades Arizona’s legislative actions

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A news release from the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce ( claims businesses gained some victories on critical issues before the Arizona Legislature ended its latest session toward the end of April, 2014. The Chamber release comments on what it sees at the top five victories for business.

In the area of education, several Senate bills were defeated (SB 1310, 1395, and 1396) that would have, in the Chamber’s words, “left Arizona with no standards for English, language arts or math which would force a costly, time-consuming choice between reverting to previous standards or developing new ones.”

The Chamber notes the passage of SB 1413 makes Arizona more attractive for the attraction and retention of manufacturing businesses. It points out SB 1392 streamlines the process by which research discoveries at public universities move from research into the public arena where they can be used to save lives, improve technology and grow the economy.

The Angel Investment Program, a tax credit for investment in qualified small businesses, was continued until December 31, 2024 under passage of HB 2272. “The Chamber believes this program helps grow small business investments and establishes Arizona as one of the most desirable places for expanding companies to do business,” the Chamber release states.

The Chamber news release notes providing funding of $6.8 million for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to complete its myDEQ online portal will help improve customer service provided by the agency and help its internal operations to be more efficient.

The Chamber was encouraged by the pro-business votes in the Legislature. “With the help of dedicated legislators who recognize the importance of a partnership with business, we were able to achieve significant gains that will benefit the state’s economy and workforce,” states Chamber vice president for public affairs and economic development Chad Heinrich.



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