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Phoenix Alternative Energy Scene July 2014

The Phoenix Alternative Energy scene is heating up this summer and here is this week’s schedule.

Douglas Hawley at the American Hydrogen Association (AHA) is excited over the agenda scheduled at tonight’s AHA meeting (7/10/2014 6:00 pm). The meeting is at the normal site: Denny’s Restaurant 650 Scottsdale Road in Tempe, Az. (SW corner of the 202 and Scottsdale Road, just north of Tempe Town Lake). As always the meeting is open to the general public.

The American Hydrogen Association is discussing the option it holds to obtain a $100000 electrolyzer with a PV system at only $16000. They are discussing the alternative option of obtaining APS’s old Hogen electrolyzer too. They want your input at the meeting tonight so bring your questions.

The American Hydrogen Association is at work on modification kit to turn petroleum consuming engines into hydrogen consuming engines. Although there are multiple car manufacturers that have put hydrogen powered cars on the market, the American Hydrogen Association is the first group to announce plans to develop conversion kits that convert the old petroleum powered engines into clean fueled hydrogen powered engines.

The American Hydrogen Association is hard at work on its new movie and wants volunteers to work on the production of it. Work on one scene or the entire movie. Stop in tonight and throw your name into the hat.

The American Hydrogen Association is at work on it’s Urineer system that turns urine into clean water and electrical power. Their goal is to install the Urinners in public stadiums in order to generate large amounts of clean water and electricity. Since there is no end to our current drought in sight our farm lands are at risk even now. The drought we are experiencing is causing the Lake Mead Reservoir that supplies fresh water to Arizona's south Valley to recede to its lowest level of stored fresh water on record, so the innovation must proceed to fulfillment as soon as possible. Moreover; any effort that could reduce our reliance on dirty coal produced electrical power is a viable alternative energy innovation, so stop in tonight, join the American Hydrogen Association and assist with the effort.

The Phoenix Alternative Energy Group is meeting Saturday 7/12/2014 at 1:30pm. The location is at the AHA’s new facility: 444 S. Morris, Mesa Az. (Just S.E. of Country Club and Broadway. It is a potluck snack luncheon. There is a free tour of the AHA facility.

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