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Phobias of four classic horror movie characters

Your favorite horror movie character may have terrified you, but after thinking about these freaky characters, they also have their own fears. They have their own phobias! So let's explore four of our favorite horror movie characters and what their phobias are.

1. Dracula

Dracula doesn't exactly like sunshine, but what vampire does, since the light destroys them. For most in books and TV the sunlight is suppose to harm the vampire, sometimes leaving it in ashes. Though we've seen movies where the sunlight doesn't harm vampires. So with that being said, Dracula (and other vampires) have phengophobia, the fear of the daylight.

2. Frankenstein's Monster

For those who have watched some Frankenstein movies know that Frankenstein's Monster didn't exactly like fire especially after he learns that it doesn't feel that great. What the clip here. So the monster has the phobia pyrophobia or also known as arsonphobia.

3. Larry Talbot aka The Wolf Man

When looking at Lon Chaney's character Larry Talbot during "The Wolf Man" or in any other sequels, he wasn't too keen on the moon. You can't blame him since because of the moon Talbot changed into a werewolf. Once that happened he couldn't control the beast he changed into because of these moon phases. So you could say that Talbot has a phobia called selenophobia, the fear of the moon.

4. The Invisible Man

Scopophobia or scoptophobia means the fear of being seen or stared at. People who have seen or heard even a little bit about the Invisible Man know that he's the perfect candidate for the phobia. Though of course he didn't want to be seen because of his own stark-raving mad deeds.

So hope this little article either made you laugh or think more about the character study of your horror movie favorites.

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