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Pho 78

If you have never eaten Vietnamese food before, please read on.  Pho, pronounced (fuh) is Vietnamese noodle soup.  This is the staple and national dish of the Vietnamese diet, andin a nutshell, is a special beef broth based bowl of noodles with various cuts of beef topped with fresh vegetables in the beef broth.   
Pho78, located in Hollywood, is a pretty good example of the craft.  The restaurant is not the prettiest and the waitstaff don't speak much English. The food comes out fast and hot.  The Pho is very good and does the trick.  Prices are reasonable, but not dirt cheap.  A medium bowl of Pho with beef is about $8-9.

Eating Pho is an experience and should not be rushed.   The soup comes out piping hot, and the noodles are still al dente.  A side plate of fresh  bean sprouts, basil, culantro (not cilantro but similar) and jalapeno. While the noodles saturate it's time to add the sauce of choice: hoison sauce, fish sauce, chili sauce, or Sriracha to spice it up to taste.  Add in the fresh herbs and vegetables, and prepare a small side dish to dip your meat into. Now use your chopsticks to eat the noodles and the spoon to eat the broth.   

Also offered on the menu are Vietnamese sandwiches, various summer rolls, rice platters, and vermicelli bowls.  I would recommend sticking to the Pho or sub sandwiches.  The Pho 78 house special is a strong recommendation with a combination of all beef cuts. Pho is a beef based broth, so it is recommended to have the beef with it although chicken is on the menu. 

Pho 78 is located at 7849 Pines Boulevard, in the northeast plaza on Pines and University, next to Outback.