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Philly teen sexually mutilated after allegedly giving female cop "dirty looks"

Darrin Manning
Darrin Manning

Darrin Manning is a 16 year old straight A student who may never be able to have children after a female cop popped his testicle with her hands during an unconstitutional "stop and frisk" encounter in Philadelphia. According to the Philadelphia police, who have a well established history of lying about their crimes to protect one another, Manning and his friends were wearing ski masks and started a fight with the officers. According to eye witnesses, who have no direct incentive to lie, the boys did not attack the police and were wearing scarves, not ski masks. The female officer, who's name is being hidden by her accomplices, did not specify how she could have observed "dirty looks" on a face covered with a ski mask.

Manning underwent emergency surgery at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where, according to Manning's mother, the doctor advised her to press charges after observing the extent of the injuries. It is unclear if Manning's injuries were made worse from the eight hours he spent in police custody, during which time no medical attention was offered to him. Police have demanded Manning provide them with a written account of the incident, however Manning's lawyer has advised him not to communicate with his attackers pending a federal investigation.

Many have been quick to describe this as a racially motivated attack, however economic factors could provide a better explanation of these instances of police brutality, as evidenced by last week's acquittal of officers in the beating death of white homeless man Kelly Thomas. In areas where people are generally in a better position to spend money on legally protecting themselves, these instances are comparatively very rare. Like other criminals, police seem to often choose their victims based on how likely they are to get away with the crime.