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Philly Stays Chilly For A While.....

The next seven days ahead
The next seven days ahead
Scott Derek

After spending the day digging out from the snow(and a record daily snowfall at Philly International of 13.5" recorded for Tuesday(you can check out an interactive map across the entire region here: ; early Wednesday morning there was a trace of snow recorded as the snow bands pushed east of the city right at Midnight. BTW we now sit at 33.7" for the season and already above the average of 26") we warmed up to just 16 degrees(AND that was at 3:59pm)! When you have fresh snowpack and Arctic air on top of the region it a) allows sunshine to hit the snow and reflect most of its energy back into the atmosphere(preventing warming of the surface) and b) that air is stable and with a gusty wind the air is constantly mixing and preventing maximum heating to occur during the day.

The visible satellite imagery on Wednesday morning showed plenty of white; offshore it's clouds, but on land that's actually snow cover!
College of DuPage

This also leads to some very cold nights ahead; the first one is of course Wednesday night with fresh snowpack, a light northwesterly wind, and a clear sky will allow low temperatures to plummet into the single digits(and then there will be a wind chill making it feel like 5-10 degrees below zero). This will lead to Thursday being sunny to start, but then a piece of energy pushes in from the north; this will lead to a chance of some snow showers with little accumulation as highs will be just in the lower 20s.

Behind that piece of energy cold air is reinforced so despite plenty of sunshine on Friday highs will be struggle to reach 20 and overnight lows will be in the single digits! On Saturday we get more of a southerly wind as Arctic air retreats north for the weekend; highs Saturday will be right around freezing with a chance of some snow showers(little accumulation once again) and then on Sunday we may crack 40! The catch is that ANOTHER cold front works in from the west and provides rain to snow showers in the evening through the overnight and into Monday morning.

Monday itself will start off with some snow showers amounting to an inch or two(just an idea right now, NOT A FINAL FORECAST) temperatures will drop from the upper 30s at Midnight and then settle into the upper teens by sunset. This leads to a very cold overnight into Tuesday with lows in the single digits and highs just in the lower teens. Ditto for Wednesday.

Don't forget that you can check out the rest of the seven day forecast any time at

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