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Philly’s Trenchrot interview: An old school approach to Death

When drummer Justin Bean placed an ad looking for musicians to form a no frills, old school death metal band, Crypt Sermon members Brooks Wilson (guitar) and Steven Jansson (vocals/guitar) answered the call. The trio met in a Philly basement and chatted about their favorite death metal bands and albums. From this meeting a brotherhood was formed. That friendship is at the heart of what would become Trenchrot.

Trenchrot - Necronomic Warfare artwork
Brooks Wilson

This week, the trio took time out from writing material for their sophomore album to talk about the release of their septic debut, “Necronomic Warfare". Bassist Steve “Pabst” Geptik was absent, so we poked fun at him behind his back–drunk nude selfies. have some self-respect, man!

In an age of social media and mass visual consumption, Trenchrot represent an oddity. The band has never performed live despite the release of its powerful three-track EP “Dragged Down to Hell” a year ago, which created a good amount of buzz. With rave reviews pouring in for “Necronomic Warfare” the group has remained content to continue writing new material rather than spend its sweat and money on a withering tour circuit. This is not to say they will never play live, but for now it is not happening. Likewise, the band has made no attempt to have band photos taken, and has actually turned down offers for such. Wilson explains that the band would rather have its artwork speak for them visually. Brooks should know, he created the album artwork.

The bottom line for the members of Trenchrot is the music. They want people to focus on the metal, which for them is based on hard partying aggression, brutality and speed. For everything else we will let the band do its own talking: You can listen to the full interview above and pick up “Necronomic Warfare“, which was a Top 5 pick on Metalholic for February, from Trenchrot‘s Bandcamp page.

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