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Philly’s Best Beer Joints

Thirsty No Fear, Philadelphia’s Got Beer!
By Stu Leventhal (Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant)

If there’s one thing Philadelphians know, it is beer, lager, draft and ale!
Monk’s Café is the place for drifting back into the old world. Monk’s serves the finest selection of Belgian ales in the city and I’d vote that they’re selection of 300 world class beers were certainly one of the tastiest on the east coast! The difference between Monks and all those other beer vault places that boast they have a super, duper, large scale beer selection is proprietors Tom Peters and Fergus Carey. Tom and Fergus are fanatics about pairing excellent dishes that are designed to taste good with their featured beers! They offer the best mussels in the City of Brotherly Love, great vegan dishes and they serve their full menu up until 1am every night!

If you are one of those dudes who simply can’t make up their mind if they want a dark ale or a light draft, bottle, tap, domestic or foreign; The Foodery at 10th and Pine Street is the beer store for you to stock up on a wide assortment of suds for the big game this weekend. The Foodery shelves more than 900 beers, which might be why many shoppers say their isles are kind of cramped. The staff is very knowledgeable about beer and you should consult them because a lot of the beers are not price labeled and you can spend over $20 dollars for a single bottle. Never the less, if you are searching for unique beer taste, perhaps in the mood for a beer you’ve never tried before, this is the store in Philadelphia that has the best variety!

“Beer, it's the best damn drink in the world.” - Jack Nicholson

Dock Street Brewery is located at 701 S 50th Street, West Philadelphia in the Cedar Park neighborhood in a magnificent historic firehouse. Dock Street specializes in craft brews and delectable fare. Dock Street’s Sunday Brunch cannot be beat with their breakfast pizzas, calzones and frittatas. They cater to a wide variety of eclectic and diverse very loyal, local crowd. Dock Street’s beers have won numerous international and national awards including the World Beer Cup Bronze for their Prisoner of Hell and International Gold Medals for both of their Amber Beers. I highly recommend the Bohemian Pilsner

MALT – Malt is a slightly sweet tasting powder made from a grain, usually barley. The grain is sprouted, kiln-dried then finely ground. Powdered malt is used in making many food items; malt vinegar, malted milk powder, malt syrup, malt liquor and of course malt is used in brewing beer.

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