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Philly horse lover digressions: Can't ride? Help in the search for Flight MH370

Too cold to ride? You havealready brushed your horse and cleaned your tack? Maybe sit down at your computer for a few minutes and help in the search for the Malaysian airlines missing plane.
Photography by Marcya Roberts, freelance writer for

Where is spring in Philadelphia? The ground is icy and hard, the winds are harsh, and that pesky arctic air is scheduled to make yet another appearance with one more round of snow for Sunday and Monday. If you don't have an indoor arena in which to ride your horse, you are probably saying "ARGHHHHH!" just like me. What's a frustrated equestrian to do?

One thing you could do (besides brush your horse and clean tack) is to help take part in the search for the missing Malaysian jetliner flight MH370.

According to the International Business Times, a company called DigitalGlobe has set up a website to allow anyone who has access to a computer to aid in the search of the missing airliner. As reported this morning:

"DigitalGlobe Inc. (NYSE:DGI) on Monday announced a crowdsourcing platform that will allow anyone to help look for the missing Boeing 777 by combing through satellite images for clues of its whereabouts. The Longmont, Colo., company said two of its commercial satellites have already collected images comprising roughly 1,988 square miles at the confluence of the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea, where the Beijing-bound aircraft mysteriously went missing on Saturday. The company is continuing to update the images to reflect new information about the search area provided by the Malaysian government."

How to Get Started

To get involved in the search simply visit Digital Globe's Tomnod website Click through the descriptions and then on "Get Tagging." You will receive a randomly chosen satellite map of a specific region that you can explore. Anything that looks suspicious that could likely be wreckage, life rafts or even oil slicks should be tagged. Notable areas will be shared with authorities.

According the, the Tomnod hunt has so far proved inconclusive, but plenty of people are working hard to help by tagging. So far over 745,000 images have been tagged which could possibly be signs of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. In addition, Facebook groups have also been set up "with members from around the world posting and discussing screenshots of satellite imagery around the clock."


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