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Philly City Councilman proposes new law to curb puppy mill sales in pet shops

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Philadelphia City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson proposes a bill to stop the distribution and sale of puppies and kittens from unlicensed puppy mills, prohibiting them from selling the animals to pet shops reported

According to the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the state has one of the strictest laws in the nation prohibiting puppy mills; the inhumane mass breeding operations of pet breeders who are only interested in profit rather than the humane treatment and proper breeding of dogs and cats.

City Councilman Johnson stated:

"The bill will prohibit pet retailers from selling dogs or cats that they have purchased from breeding mills."

Throughout a long history of puppy mills, those in Missouri and Iowa, notably being the two top states with the most loosely operated and monitored facilities, these farms frequently mass produce sick and genetically damaged pets. Unknowing customers then purchase these adorable puppies and kittens, only to end up with thousands of dollars worth of veterinarian bills or having had the heartbreak of the puppy or kitten dying.

Similar bills have also been introduced in New York and Chicago with officials calling the "puppy mill bill" one way of extinguishing the heartless facilities that force dogs and cats to live in deplorable conditions for selfish profits.

If passed, the bill will require Philadelphia pet stores to provide written proof that pets all come from reputable breeder and to keep those files on record for at least two years.

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