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Phillip Seymour Hoffman's alleged drug dealer says he's a scapegoat

Hoffman's alleged drug dealer says that he didn't sell him the fatal dose of heroine and he's just a scapegoat.
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

On Feb. 9 Fox News shares that the alleged drug dealer of Phillip Seymour Hoffman claims that he's just a scapegoat and he didn't sell his friend the fatal dose of heroin that killed the 46-year old actor.

Robert Vineberg, famed jazz saxophone player and friend of Hoffman says that the last he heard from his friend was in December where Hoffman told him that he was clean. Vineberg says that he didn't kill him but he could have saved him, and would have offered to go to a meeting with him if he would have known that his friend was shooting heroin again.

As known, Hoffman was found with 73 bags of heroin in his Greenwich Village apartment. According to admitted junkie, Vineberg, that would have meant that Hoffman was shooting approximately 10 bags a day, double the estimated usage of addicts.

Vineberg says that the last time that he saw Hoffman was in October after police found 300 bags of heroin in his apartment. After the police raid, Hoffman went to rehab for a month then began filming "Hunger Games." Vineberg heard from him in December through emails and texts before losing touch but Hoffman claimed that he was clean at the time.

Robert Vineberg is only one of four that have been arrested for drug offenses possibly connected to the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Robert Vineman was charged with felony possession but insists that he didn't give him the dose that killed him and he is nothing more than a scapegoat.

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