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Phillip Phillips puts foot down on recording his concerts: ‘I allow audiotape'

Phillip Phillips fans are a loyal bunch of folks. The music lovers enjoy what Phillips has to offer and come to concerts, TV show performances and any place they can. While some entertainers are pretty tight on what fans can record and not record, it seems like the former American Idol winner wants the fans to have fun. On Thursday Phillip Phillips laid down the rules for people audiotaping at shows and he seems to have a fair option for the fans.

“Just want everyone to know I allow audiotaping at my shows. As long as you trade them & not sell. Some of my favorite bands allow it& so do I,” tweeted Phillip Philips from his official Twitter account on Thursday.

The issue of audio recording at shows has become bigger and bigger in the music industry. The fans want to share their experience with others, but money hungry concert goers are trying to make money off the tapes. Apparently these folks aren’t genuine Phillip Phillips fans as they would know that Phillip makes his money with his voice ultimately stealing from the artists. This American Idol winner wants to level the playing field back in favor of the honest Phillip Phillips fan. Trust is a rare thing these days and it is refreshing to see young performers give back to their fans.

Tapes from concerts as far back as the Beatles are enjoyed by fans and it appears that Phillip Phillips is offering the same idea to his fans. It appears that sharing is cool too. Just don’t sell the recordings as that will not make Phillip Phillips happy!

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